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The Honest Story...

Honest Edibles is a Catering company that proudly does things differently. We are rethinking the way food is made and quickly setting the industry standard for sustainable and ethical dining.


Our innovative eco Café cooks entirely from renewable energy, growing veg from our composted food waste using permaculture principles and even capturing rainwater for our guest toilets. We offer a fresh and exciting twist on plant based nutrition, focusing on creating imaginative dining experiences that you will cherish.

To ensure we stay in harmony with nature, our menus change seasonally - carefully sourcing ingredients that are locally abundant & organically grown. We work closely with our award winning farmer (The Organic Pantry) & other fabulous nearby suppliers to ensure progressive, transparent practices and ethical products from start to finish.

We also love using wild foraged ingredients to celebrate our connection through food and the unique flavours that first begun our culinary journey in the distant past. Utilising indigenous ingredients to create a bridge to Britain's natural world, we hope to inspire a deeper connection to the changing biosphere around us.

Good for the inside, good for the outside.

That's why we're the heart of ethical catering.


We have been at the frontier of delicious plant based cooking for the last 6 years.

In that time we opened Leeds' first vegan restaurant in 2017, toured with the National Cheese Festival (yes really!) with our plant based Mozzarella, awarded 'Best Vegan 2020' at The British Street Food Awards and also awarded the UK's 'Most Sustainable Trader 2020' by The Sustainable Restaurant Association's Food Made Good. 

We have helped countless retreats and festivals to go fully plant based, curated stunning bespoke wedding menus and inspired thousands of people to eat more healthily, sustainably and responsibly. We see each loving bite as a revolution towards a kinder, more empathic future.


Our community platform helps to optimise our relationship with food and nutrition.

What we eat forms the basis of who we are and how we think, so it is vital we engage with food as a more conscious process.


Starting with eating as it should be - whole, nutritious & without cruelty or harm to the environment - we can start to develop better mind-body connectivity.

Whilst vegan food can offer a sustainable lifestyle alternative, our core philosophy at Honest Edibles is more subtle: to inspire self-empowerment through education and enable access to deeper mindfulness. Our company helps individuals form healthier awareness to the inner and outer worlds of choice, changing what affects them on the inside, as well as on the outside.

Join our mindful food movement!

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